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The next meeting will be on Thursday, February 11th, 2021
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Each Weds - Bullseye 4:30-7:00

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4H Has Been Canceled Till Further Notice!



Our mission is to perpetuate and promote the positive aspects of the shooting sports through education and competitions such as participation in team and individual shooting events as well as informal rifle, pistol, and shotgun competition.

The Lewis Wetzel Rifle & Pistol Club is a rifle and pistol club with a membership of 400. We have active Bullseye (Conventional) Pistol, (PPC) Police Pistol Combat, Trap, Highpower Rifle, Steel Challenge and Black Powder. The outdoor ranges are available to all club members year around and the indoor range is also available all club members year around along with scheduled events like matches, and leagues.

The Lewis Wetzel Rifle & Pistol Club is an all volunteer, non profit range owned and operated by its members. The low annual membership dues are the result of dedicated volunteers who keep the range running smoothly. We are constantly updating and improving the facilities and encourage the public to visit during annual public events.

Members of - W.V. Wildlife Association, W.V. State Rifle & Pistol Association